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Lesson 2

Wiping File or Folder

Selecting file to wipe

Select any sensitive file at your hard disk (file you want to delete - wipe)

Purchase QuickWiper file shredder and disk wipe utility

Select the sensitive file you want to wipe. For example "Sensitive file.doc".

Note: you can also select a folder or several files.


Drag-and-Dropping file to wipe

You can simple darg-and-drop files you want to wipe (delete) at QuickWiper's iconNow drag-and-drop this file to QuickWiper's icon (it is on your desktop).

Drag-and-drop: click to the file's icon (don't release mouse button). Move mouse cursor to the QuickWiper icon. Is it right over the icon? OK. Now release mouse button. You've just drag-and-dropped file! 

Wiping the file

Now select the "Wipe" in "Wipe" menu of QuickWiper. 

Read in QuickWiper manual: 

Tips and tricks: adding file to the file list



Wiping files - how and why

Note: you can skip any lesson and begin reading the following by clicking "Next->" link. Each lesson describes a separate idea so you will not lose anything. This lesson course contains eight lessons (8) so you will spend just a 10 minutes reading but after reading all the eight lesson you will know how to wipe files, wipe free disk space, clear IE history, temporary files and cache. Lessons also have information about wiping algorithms, such as NSA erasure and common tips and tricks for using QuickWiper.

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