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QuickWiper lets clear your cookies records, IE history, cache, typed URLs and links to recently opened files

Use System Cleaner and your boss will never learn that you were browsing sport web-sites on your PC

When you point your Internet Explorer (IE) to some site the following happen:

n      IE make a history record, which contains information about site you are visiting: site’s address, date of visit and addresses of visited pages;

n      Scripts on the site can create a cookie. It is some kind of a personal marker which can identify you;

n      IE’s cache contains ALL the information about visited pages. It keeps the html files of pages (text you see) and pictures that you watched;

n      IE also remembers the address, which you have typed in address line of your browser. It calls “Typed URL”;

That is what your browser does when you open a web site and what QuickWiper can clear to keep your activity records secure.



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